I began my technology career at the age of 14 when I used my mothers ‘Programming in Basic and Fortran’ syllabus and textbook to teach myself programming, I then taught it to my mother (she worked shift work, and was unable to attend a lot of her classes) helping her to pass the class. I found computers fascinating and spent countless hours on them. When I was 18, I setup my first network using SLIP (serialized IP) by connecting two PC’s together with a null-modem cable and setting up a ‘Oakley packet driver’ to communicate over them using TCP/IP. The ‘Internet’ became my next interest, and I began ‘surfing’ the internet using a CompuServe account in 199.

I founded Technology Solutions of Texas in 2001 after working several years with a Biotechnology company. After spending several years subcontracting, I was offered a management position with a cable company in Pennsylvania (Adelphia Communications). That company was acquired by a joint venture between Time Warner Cable and Comcast… with my business unit going to Time Warner Cable., Husbands has responsibility for the information technology services group, communicating and working with a broad range of small to mid-sized businesses in the ongoing planning and implementation of information technologies that supports their independent business goals.

Prior to joining ARK Business Solutions, Husbands spent 25 years in informational technology roles. Most recently, as the Manager of the Enterprise Services group at Time Warner Cable in Charlotte, North Carolina. While in Charlotte, Husbands was very active in supporting enterprise, national, and business market collaboration for information technology initiatives. He was instrumental in the integration of Adelphia Communications into the Time Warner Cable infrastructure and lead the email migration for integration of the Adelphia business units that were purchased by Comcast. He also served on several advisory boards related to standardization, compliance and infrastructure monitoring, including Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI Compliance, HIPPA Compliance, VISA Scan, Problem Management, and Project Management.

Since arriving at ARK Business Solutions, Husbands has served on the Steering Committee for the Beaumont Boys and Girls Club, and devotes time to Junior Achievement, Boys and Girls Club, and Young Life.